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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Organic Organic Organic

I am proud to announce that i now stock Organic Spices. All the prices are i am proud to say almost the same Price as the normal priced Spices that they replace. For a time until i have sold all the normal Spices i will be stocking both types but i will be moving to a point where normal stock will end and Organic stock will be my normal stock and without a price increase. Now if that's not a Bargain i don't know what is.

Sadly the selection of Organic Spices i can stock and sell at normal prices is not huge at best maybe 14 Spice items but normal everyday Spices like Paprika, Turmeric, mustard seeds, Fennel powder and Black Pepper to name but a few.

As Spices become available at affordable prices i will stock them so as they say " watch this Space " 

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